Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You are my sunshine by Leftover Cuties

I have been searching for this song for few months already
wanted badly to download it. people always said just 'googling' and you gonna find whatever you wished for
ya right. obviously, they are wrong. should vanish the word "whatever" tu.huh! Every time, i just found the video(s), of course.. ya ya, actually got few sites to download it, but you know jela kan, they ask to pay for that. not much and not even sampai 1 dollar pun. but, come on lah (tu pun boleh nak kena bayar ke).saya mana ada kad kredit.apa lah. try me for cash lah. 2 dollars pun boleh bagi (up sikit je. banyak sangatlah duit aku kan =p)
Apapun, it is a good song. To be honest, sometimes, i don't really like modified song. especially if it is originally an old song. but this one really moved my heart. i have no idea that our childhood song will be as warm as this :)

. .


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