Thursday, March 21, 2013

Harapnya jadi lah ea

My superb best friend told me yesterday that she will be coming to Sarawak this April and me, of course acted like super duper excited on her plan. I hope that she will be here real soon because I missed her sooooo much! Kalau tak jadi, I sumpah u jadi peti ais yang banyak makanan ok! sekian :P

She is my best friend, sister, someone who listens to my things and pleas, shares and holds the same dream like mine and even will give any of her not-so-fit-to-her clothes from her wardrobe. I have to take it or she will keep annoying me day and night to take all the clothes.But still, there are some more left behind.(I hope you don't bring them here. haha)

Dear Anis Joha yang cantik lagi jelita, I thanked you for all the things you've done for me. I received so much from you and.......
you received so much from me too.(hahahahaha. saje loghat :P)
But yeah, I don't need to say much, you just know and also, I love you so much even kau kepit leher aku dekat tingkap kereta. hahahaha (gelak guling-guling)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday. It's not ice-cream. It's a day!

Title has nothing to do with the entry. My Sunday is as boring as usual.

Nothing much to do this morning. Plus, my roommate gone early in the morning." Ada program fakulti". That was what she told me yesterday. Speak about program, I've been quite busy this whole week with all the classes everyday and things. Not to mention all the college activities that I've been joining since last week. To be honest, I feel kinda exhausted because it's been years since the last time I participated in these kind of activities (I mean, I used to spend my life with the 'doing-nothing-all-day activity' for 1 year). So, it's a bit tough for me to adopt the new environment. But well, I might take this as a life-changing challenge. Hehe. It's so fun actually to join activities while you are still in the university. What you need is a good time management so that you won't feel burdened with all these stuff (I mean, that burdened)..Oklah, it's 10.49 am already and I wanna take my breakfast now. (Can I still call it breakfast?-_-")
. .


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