Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Journey

Budak-budak yang lahir tahun 1995 tengah sibuk isi borang UPU and I was like "ha, bukan diorang kecik lagi ke?".Aaaarrggh. You know what that means? I am getting older! Haihh, time did fly like a jet -_-  But the great thing about getting older is I started to be serious about the future since I'm a kind of responsibility-can-wait person. I might not have any idea on how my future will look like, but what I am sure is, it's gonna be aweeeeeesome!!! (pronounce it like how it spelled. haha). Dream much ha? That is so me. Like Astro said: "Go beyond". Well, everyone that is living on this mother earth would be dreaming the same thing as I am (or maybe most). To those who is already there, congratulation. Just wait, am on my way too (there she goes again. LOL =p). And to those who is still on the track or who is just about to put the shoes on, like me, I wish you best of luck. May all your sacrifices, hard works, and whatsoever paid off. Really am. It is not too late. Trust me. Because the moment you want to give up is the moment you almost get there. How did I know? Because I have been through this, once. 

 It was many many many months ago when I was waiting for my UPU result. 3 years of dream was about to come true. Full of spirits to further degree in the beginning and I failed to get into IPTA in the end. With such enthusiasm and good result, how could they turned me down. Offering me diploma instead, months after. What the heckkk?? Cewah. Here is some drama. hehe. I won't lie about how i felt that time. It was the worst feeling I have ever had. Even worse than break-up with ex. I felt soooooo lost since I did not have any other plan to do. I just have this thought in my mind "straight away to degree after diploma". That was my goal and still is. So, when that happened, I believed, "that's it. My life ends". Then, by the time I have gave in, there came the new semester intake. My mom advised me to try once again. "If you were destined to get it, then it will be yours". That was what she told me. Since I was still having the 'IPTAphobia', I was doubted if it was the right thing to do (well, I can't bear another heart-broken. hee). So I kept thinking about this matter like anytime and anywhere. The deadline of the application was closer but I still couldn't made up my mind. Until one day, at a food stall, I prayed to Allah SWT, talked to Him, begged Him to help me decide or at least give any signs. (at food stall and then signs? yeah, I was that desperate). And right after I finished gt everything off my chest, a guy who was stood right before me turned around and showed me his t shirt with this magical line 'DO NOT GIVE UP'. It maybe means nothing to you guys but a LOT to me. I was about to cry in that very moment. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. So much! So I sent my application and 2 months later, I got the offer. My 1st choice of course and only :)  That is my story. I will never forget of my journey heading to IPTA.

In spite of the 'don't give up' spirit, the one thing that is so the very important is our duty as the servants of Allah. During my 'dark' time of not getting offered to further degree, I have been thinking about my negligence of doing my responsibility. Yes, I did the 5 times prayer in a day. But what about other ibadah? I realized that I rarely recite the Quran. Except Surah Yasin on Friday night which is sometimes I still missed it. Some more, the solat hajat, solat taubat and much more. So, my hard time makes me closer to Allah. I started recite the Quran often, doing much solat hajat and taubat sometimes. I know. It's too sad that it takes failure to get me doing all these (May Allah forgive me). But I think this is one of the reasons why He held my request. He knows best. So guys, If you wanted something from Him, you should please Him first. For me, I hope that I will keep on practicing all that. Of course I did missed the ibadah sunat many times (manusia kan. semangatnye sekejap je -_-) But yeah, let's hope for the best! May all of us succeed in whatever we do

*The most awesome thing about IPTA for me is the fee is so cheap!affordable! (berpinar mata tengok yuran setiap semester)
*I'm not ready to work. I love to study (not studying =p). I don't know it is because of the environment or friends or whatever. Perhaps I missed the overwhelmed feeling when I woke up in the morning with thousands of notes in my bed and rushed to the examination hall. weirdooooo -_-"
*Amalkan surah Al-Waqi'ah setiap hari. Semoga senang mendapat rezeki :)


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