Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Good morning 2013!!
It's 2013 already. I am freaked out!! Aaaaa. I really hope there're another 365 days in 2012. Making it becomes what? 730 days a year? Come on girl, back to your senses. Ok, just cut it off. Here are my hope-my-dreams-come-true things


May I always be
  in the place I wanted to be in
  a great woman on earth(FEEL FREE TO SLAP ME =p)
  a superb auntie to nephewS and nieceS (siblings, you see the S. You know what to do. LOL)
  a weight-gainer (keep it up yeah)
  a wise chooser
  an optimistic than realistic (I had so much bad thoughts)
  a happy person as my name

I said what I had to say and did what I had to do
I can't fix bad things happened back in my old days
I'm just hoping that bad things fix me up in my brand new days

I saw Wani Ardy at Bandung airport for the first time ever, in the same flight
But I don't have the gut to approach her and now I regret to death. Great
Should I include being a bold person in the wishlist?
Consider that

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