Monday, May 26, 2014


It's been like centuries I left my blog without any new updates. Yes, I am super busy with all these student so-called stuffs if you ever asked. I even doubted if I was entering the right password to sign into this abandoned blog. hihi. But yeah, here I am, trying to figure out what should I write. 

Hmm well, my cousin from my paternal side, got married last Friday and I was like wow, wow, wow seriously? We are at the same age, used to be quite closed when we were kids but ya (grown ups thing). So, I wish you, my dear Sarah, a happy married life and hope it'll be my turn soon. haha. 

Okay next is about all the pictures in this blog. 

I was deleting all the pictures in my Google Account when I suddenly realized some of that deleted pictures were actually the pictures in my blog. To be sure, I signed into my Blogspot account and yeah, they are gone now because of my smart brain. -_-

So, for this time being, that's all.
Ciao! :)

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