Saturday, November 23, 2013

Will what cause you lack of self-esteem be the booster for your achievement?

       Is self-esteem essential in life? I say yes and most probably everyone says that. It is only less than two months left to welcome 2014 but have you built this aspect in yourself? No one knows the answer except you. There are many reasons cause the lack of self-esteem. I give you an example. For me for instance, I will turn 24 and about to be a sophomore next year. I have to admit that sometimes my age do shakes my self-esteem. 23 is young for a graduate student but not really young for those who just in the second semester for undergraduate study. A big fish among the small ones in a small pond, that is how I see myself as.

       Most of my ex-schoolmates have already owned their first degree's scroll and not to mention are currently graduate students. Even in my own campus, whenever I reveal about my age, the first question they will shoot is, "Are you a final year student?". Frankly, it bothers me sometimes. It kind of like once you get into 23, it is either you have to be the final year student or a freshman of graduate studies or you already got your paycheck monthly. It is like a life's schema which I am not really into it. Well,this is not about the number is getting bigger, it is about the number that is getting bigger does not fit the situation I am currently in. You know what I am trying to say?

       However, I did not drag this dilemma of mine into my study. It actually helps me a lot to be a better student. Since I am one of the elders in my batch, my age reminds me that I have to look good in the eyes of these younger friends of mine. Whenever I do my assignments, no matter how late I started the work, I will make sure it will be one of the assignments with the finest mark, I will perform the best presentation in group presentations, be one of the highest achievers in examinations, be an active learner in brainstorming sessions and a lot more.

       My age helps me to become more matured and guides me how to behave in society. All of these suddenly make me forget all that silly thinking of me being left behind compares to my other peers. My so-called 'weakness' may seem nothing to people out there. But to those who feel like what I once felt, please guys, do not let it be the reason of your inferiority. INFERIORITY. It is a disease. It eats you without you aware of it. Try to see the good side of the causes or at least try to make good of them. There is no such thing of bad things about you cannot be fixed up because when life knocks you down, it is your choice whether or not to get back up. 

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