Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/2/2012. kalau hari ni cuti umum, confirm mesti ramai yang berderet nak nikah hari ni. Tarikh keramat lah katakan(betul-betul KERAMAT kang baru kau tau). And yet, hari ni macam hari-hari biasa je bagi saya. Eat, pray, love. Bezanya, tiga-tiga rutin tu dekat negara yang sama. Tak paham? Abaikan.. Great! I am officially unemployed for a year(what a high achievement -_-"). This week, a friend of mine asked me to seek for any job and stay at her place(of course I have to pay the rental too). I don't know...(It means, I'm trying syud =p). These few days, I did apply few jobs which are obviously doesn't match with my background academic(bagus betul. memang orang tu confirm amek kau kerja -_-). But well, I'm just trying my luck. So better you guys pray that I get any of the jobs. Or else, I'm gonna hang up myself and die, rise from the grave and be a ghost. Then I'm gonna eat each one of you guys. Muahahahahahaha(ok farah, that's too exaggerating). I really do nothing sepanjang 'cuti panjang' ni. huh. And I even forgot the piano's notation. I felt like an idiot staring the damn score and tried so hard to remember what key was that. Teruk! I think I might render my brain lose its function with my 'doing-nothing-schedule'. Am I right? of course, saya tau saya betul. lalala

I don't give a thing of drum
but I like drummer
I don't think much bout the pianist
but I love piano
Art is my passion
but math is just sexy
-farah idris ismail-


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  2. Sila perihatin :)

  3. najiwang sori.aku terdelete post kau.lain benda aku nak buat lain aku tertekan.haha


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