Wednesday, January 11, 2012


As subjected above, tonight, or should I say today because it's morning already o_o?Ah whatever
Have you ever been in a situation whereby you find it is quite difficult to understand English of someone from different race or country? I had!
A.C.C.E.N.T accent.
what is accent? (stupid question? ya, sounds like one)
well, actually this is not a formal typing though. I suddenly thinking about this, from my own experience. Malaysia. Not a big country but we have loads of races. that's not including the outsider (foreigner of course). pehhh. dari indonesia, bangladesh, pakistan, africa, bla, bla, bla, sampailah ke barat. So, various races + from various countries = various accents. what do you expect?

I like to wander alone especially around Kl. there was one time a married couple from bangladesh I guess, the husband asked me the right train they should take

the husband: exkiuzemi miss. is dis de train to mosti jump? (sambil bace ni cube korang geleng-geleng sikit)
me: sorry sir?
the husband: MOSTI JUMP (lagi teballl lidah die)
me: ...

I took couples of minutes to figure out what he meant actually and I almost gave up until suddenly, I came out with one sentence

me: is it masjid jamek sir?
the husband: ha!masjid jamek (still gelengkan kepala u all time sebut ni)
me: yup (i was like, tau pulak kau sebut masjid jamek.huh!-_-')

that's one of my experiences with tourists. there's much more. but this one is my favorite.haha

how about yours?

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