Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Here I am

Ok, It's been quite few days since my arrival in Sarawak. This is my first time ever to be here. I have never been here before (kesian). So quite jakunlah jugak. Jangan pelik ok kalau statement tu berbaur loghat. Ini semua kesan keterujaan yang keterlampauan. Sekian.

I have numbers of first impression toward Sarawak. But don't worry Sarawakians, because they are all the good ones. However, the one thing that really caught my eyes is the roundabouts in Sarawak. Oh my god! Sarawak owns the most f***ing huge roundabouts in Malaysia (I guess)! It has a LOT! It's like you can even build a gas station in it or maybe a secret recipe's restaurant?-_- It is that BIGGGGG. So better you make sure that you do not miss the axis if you do not want to make a free tour (especially for those who are in rush).  But yeah, Sarawak is a beautiful state. I have so much places to visit. Hope that I can finish traveling the whole Sarawak in these 3 years (Konon lah kan. Entah melangok je aku nanti)

After 2 days spending time with my family in Kuching and Santubong, My mood changed. I started to feel quite sad. Because it was about time for us to say goodbye. After my registration in UNIMAS on the 3rd day, we were hugging and kissing each other. My mom cried and so did my aunt. I almost crying too but well, since I'm so-cool kind of person (please, don't hate me. haha), I managed to hold back my tears. I just don't want my family especially my mom to see me crying. I don't know why. It just because. Finally, farewell

Then, my new chapter in life begins. We (all the new students) started the orientation session at 8.30pm. It's quite tough for me to wake up early for solat subuh berjemaah. Talk about that, I have to adapt myself to the new prayer time. In here, the prayer time is approximately 30 minutes earlier than West Malaysia. So, during the orientation days, I need to wake up at four something at morning. It was quite challenged for me tau if you know me well enough. haha. On that very first day in UNIMAS, I started to learn speak in Sarawak accent and slang. Since my roomate (Fira) is half Sarawakian (her grandparents from her mother's side are Sarawakians. Untunglah kampung dekat. Jelous nak mati aku). The first word she taught me is "nang tingai". It means "sangat degil". Or in n9, we said "bega gile". And the funny thing about trying to speak like Sarawak native speakers is, I'm surely a great imitator because a Sarawakian thought that I am a Sarawakian too. That short conversation goes like this:

The Sarawakian: ......... (something that I swear I don't understand)
Me: ha?
The Sarawakian: ..........
Me: ha?
After kept on ........-ing and ha?-ing he finally came out with this question
The Sarawakian: Kamu orang apa sebenarnya?
Me: Negeri Sembilan kot
The Sarawakian: Mati-mati aku ingat Sarawak -_-"
Me: Laugh Out Loud

I don't have much problems with the foods. So far, most of the foods sold in the cafe are basically the same like in west Malaysia. And the price is affordable too. So cheap. But how good they tasted, it is out of the question =p. It is not that they tasted terrible. It's only that all the familiar foods that we usually eat in west Malaysia tasted a big different in here or maybe because they are cafe foods. You know la kan.. cafe. (that's my opinion. Listen :p). But, for Sarawak cuisines, I tell you la. terbaik! Mi kolokkkk (I'm not sure it is actually with k or without k)!! and I'm on my way to try the name-not-so-sure, nasi goreng dabai (I think so). Looking forward to it :)

Dan lagi, the distance from my residential college to my campus is sooooooooooooooooooooo. I don't need to finish my word I guess. You can simply know it based on the amount of O letter. It takes 20 minutes dudes, babes, and whoever you are for me to get to my faculty/classes. Surely I might loss some weight. Good lah kan. Papan aku -_-

Oklah, nak cerita detail sangat, esok pun tak habis lagi. Besides, it's 12 something a.m already. And I got 8 a.m class. Bertambah-tambah bagus pulak kan. I will keep updating my back-to-student life (Perhaps, means whenever I have free time la). Till then, good night semua!


  1. the sarawakian presumed u were sarawakian?
    well, he/she is not alone, my first impression about u was that u were penan+chinese kot...hihihi


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