Wednesday, May 11, 2011

evening guys :)
ekceli malas nk post apeape
but since ternampak gambo ni
juling kejap bijik mate 8)

i am a big fan of NODAME CANTABILE series
neither comics
nor tv series
nor special episode 1 and 2
nor final movement 1 and 2
i never thought that i would got addicted by anime series AGAIN!
(since i'm not randomly choose any anime to be addicted on)
sorry to u great teacher onizuka (GTO) 
u've dropped to 2nd place now after 15 years without challenger ;p
and yes!
i am 21-to-be
so what?
i do love anime
 it is up to me to get involved over this kind of stuff la

somehow, nodame cantabile makes me feel classical music is just beautiful to be played 
when we know the meaning of its composition
perhaps i will someday :)
but i need to love read the score first
so that i will not playing as sloppy as NODAME!;p

. .


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