Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to download game of PLANTS vs ZOMBIES for free

Hey guys!
do you like to play game of
PLANTS vs ZOMBIES like i do?
or having any troubles to download it like i do, too?hehe

So here,
i wanted to share the URL to download the game for free:

1st step: Google, of course;)
2nd step: Type leechtube.com, enter and then (choose any, but i suggest to click the 1st one)
3rd step: Copy and paste this link (down here) on the 'file URL to download' space and click LEECHTUBE


4th step: Ignore the advertisement (click 'skip ads' at the right top of your side)
5th step: Click download

 If there is any trouble to download the game,just let me know
 Try it and GOOD LUCK B)

Let us be addicted to it together;)

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