Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Optimist Who Died In A World Of Pessimists

Last night I died in my dream
God sang me to eternal sleep
this emotional world killed me
dragged me down, burnt me to bits
Splendid air was taken for granted
for worries we ourselves constructed
an ounce of insecurity spread like fire
lovers of God were seen pretentious
Last night I died attempting to smile
no one joined me, crying they’re better satisfied
I tried to fly but they pulled my strings
unconsciously dragging me on ground,
selfishly burning every inch
And I thought God created patience
and I thought God created love
and I thought God created strength
and lent us decent brains
and I thought God gave us religion
and I thought we had decent brains
apparently not, I died in vain
apparently not, I died in vain
We succumbed to our demons of sadness
people are evil if they’re different from us
no one understand no one, so everybody’s wrong
we all justified ourselves, so everybody’s right.

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